Igawara Industrial and Service Trading Pte Ltd
Company History
Serving with a Difference

We have the capacity to execute large and important orders; yet we are conscientious enough to pay attention to the smallest requirements.

Our experienced engineers and in house QC engineers also provide technical support on top of their general sales services. We provide quality products and services through effective implementation and continually improve the effectiveness of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Having an engineering-based team means that we can understand the technical needs of our clients better. This flexibility also enables us to provide single-piece orders or complete package requirements of various products to our clients, whether in single or multiple orders and projects.

We focus on the total needs of our clients from a particular industry.

This reduces the need for most buyers to cope with multiple dealers for products of different size, variety, several different sources, or products from various parts of the world. We also reduce the need for most buyers to deal with different sales people and departments within the same trading company.

Our policy has been successfully carried out in Japan for the past 90 years, and for the past 25 years outside Japan. Our comprehensive experience and vast network of manufacturing sources around the world have enabled us to provide the most competitive prices and reliable service to our clients.

Our strength lies in our people, our resources, our flexibility, and our tireless commitment to serving our customers.