G1 – Grounding Devices


We supply a new technology break through grounding product to replace current Pure copper or copper steel cored grounding device. This new product has life span up to 45 years , much longer than existing design yet at lower product, installation and maintenance cost. Due to superior advantages over existing designs, several multi-billion mega petrol chemical, oil, gas and tank farm projects etc have been using them since 2006. The products pass most stringent test from ILAC-MBA, CMA, CAL, CNASA.


  • CNPC Sichuan Pengzhou 10million tons/year (200,000 barrels per day) refinery combine with 800 thousand tons/year Ethylene integral project 2009
  • CNPC Daqing petrochemical 1.2million tons per year ethylene plant 2010
  • Sinopec Maoming Branch 18 million tons (340,000 barrels per day) per year Gasoline quality upgrading projects 2011
  • Sinochem Quanzhou 12 million tons refinery per year(240,000 barrels per day) 2012
  • Korea Lixing chemical project in China 2010
  • Sinopec Yanshan branch and Mitsubishi chemical BPA/PC project in Beijing 2010