E1 – Aerospace Materials


IGAWARA – AEROSPACE MATERIALS DIVISION’s vision is “to become the first choice when specialty materials required”. We are one of few holders of AS 9120A certification in Singapore. This accreditation is a benchmark to achieve a status as a global recognized and accepted Supplier, Stockist & Distributor of raw materials & parts to manufacturers & OEM’s of the aerospace industry. This Standard addresses chain of custody, product safety, reliability leading to complete traceability, control of records, proper batch management and evidence of conformity. As we engage the most qualified professional staff in aerospace industry, our business has been growing rapidly and we have been supplying to several clients in China, India and SE Asia.

Its qualified materials engineers would be attending your needs and suggest you valuable methods to fulfil your need. Its strength always lies in being part of solution to your difficult problems in this supply chain.

Igawara has capabilities to provide value added services like cutting, heat treating, ensuring staggered deliveries for your projects need.

It focuses on supplies of Stainless Steels, Alloy Steels, Aluminum Alloys, Copper Alloys, Titanium alloys, Tool Steels, Ni Alloys & Cobalt- Cr Alloys in the form of Bars, Rods, Wires, Tubes, Pipes, Sheets, Plates, Forgings, Cast plates, Coils, Strips & Slabs to AMS, ASTM, Federal Specifications, EN, BS, DIN and Russian Specifications.