We focus on the total needs of our clients and always emphasize service and prompt solutions for critical purchasing requirements.

Igawara Corporation Pte Ltd was officially established in 1988. Its co-founding family initially operated the company as Igahara in 1919 when the original founder Mr Igahara Keijiro formed IGAHARA SEISAKUSHO. Its humble beginning started with the manufacturing of machinery and tools geared towards the farming industries. This had expanded over the years into a well-established organization spanning manufacturing, logistics, and trading services. Igahara Seisukusho, now known as Igawara Industry Co Ltd utilizes ultra-modern and state-of-the-art machines to produce sophisticated giant diesel engine blocks, giant multiplex axis machine components, etc.

Igawara Corporation Pte Ltd was established by their trading company Fukusuke kiko Co Ltd in Singapore to handle the group steel export directly from Japan’s steel mills to manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Later years, Igawara Corporation Pte Ltd expanded its business scope beyond Southeast Asia with offices in China, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East, and expanded their steel source supply from Japan to the USA, Europe, China, and South Korea.

Business scope now involves a total solution in supplying steel material including plates, piping, fittings, sections, and equipment to refineries, petrochemical plants, water treatment and solution, infrastructure projects, aerospace industries, shipbuilding, which includes oil rigs, offshore platforms, FPSO.

Engaging in various projects which include reclamation, thermal, mining, nuclear, hydro, wind and solar power plants, cryogenic gasification projects, like LNG, ammonia, nitrogen, and hydrogen plants.

Our focus is on the total needs of our clients, and our emphasis is on the service and prompt solutions for all their critical purchasing requirements. Our combined resources with Japan and other networking steel mills worldwide over the last 35 years have enabled us to provide a very comprehensive package with extensive services, competitive prices, and deliveries under extremely demanding situations to our worldwide clientele.

We also tie up with established EPC and specialized equipment makers to provide comprehensive solutions to various projects.

At this juncture, I can assure you that our company is constantly on an upgrading trend to keep abreast of the technology within the industries. This will ensure that our staff is adept in the role they will be playing in contributing and adapting to the needs of your company professionally.

Yours sincerely,

Mr K H Lim (CEO)